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Bird of Prey Centre

Bird of Prey Centre

Tap Into The Traditional: The Bird Of Prey Centre

Falconry is a recognised part of English heritage and a dying art today purely and simply because there are few centres that honour the tradition today. There are very few individuals that are trained as a falconer at the moment, so it is a real treat when you can go and watch a show and get up close and personal with the falcons. You can do just that in Bedfordshire at the Bird of Prey Centre!

The Bird Of Prey Centre can provide a great day out for every single member of your family. It is located in the grounds of Shuttleworth House, which is itself in Old Warden Park, which are beautiful in themselves. The house is a tourist attraction in its own right, but the Bird Of Prey Centre gives it that little something different. The centre is a little way away from the house in woodland so that the birds feel right at home and extremely comfortable so that you are too.

There are Vultures, Owls, Eagles, Hawks and of course Falcons at the Bird of Prey Centre, totalling around 300 individual birds at the moment. They are tended to by the family that has owned and operated the centre for over fifty years. The family puts on three displays a day and allows people to have a go at handling the birds themselves. They also give individuals a crash course on how to fly an Owl or a Hawk. There are even Kestrel races for the children that visit! All of the above is why the Bird Of Prey Centre is undoubtedly one of the most exciting places to visit in Bedfordshire!

If you do like the sound of the Bird Of Prey Centre then it is open seven days a week, every single week of the year, with the exception of Christmas Day. You might mean to go for an hour or so but it is best to write off the entire day because it is guaranteed that you will not want to leave!  

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