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Sample Modern Day Royalty At Althorp!

Althorp – you have most probably heard that name before but are struggling to remember where at the moment. In fact, the name has been associated with Princess Diana an awful lot in recent years purely and simply because it was her home until she married Prince Charles in 1980. Althorp has actually been the home of the Spencer family for generation after generation now and you can get a first hand glimpse inside if you plan your trip here during the few months that it is actually open to the public every year!

Althorp is a stately home that was built on a lost village during the early 16th Century, although much of the original building has been lost as a result of renovations that have been completed on the home over the years. Much of the work on it was completed in the 18th Century and so it does show many architectural trends from that period. The Spencer family has lived there since the early years of the Tudor building, and this is more of a draw today than the beauty of the building itself.

Diana, Princess Of Wales helped to significantly contribute to the fame of the stately house and it now opens its doors to visitors between July 1st and August 31st every year so that people can go and pay homage to the beautiful late princess. Although it first opened to the public in 1953, it has been more popular since her 1997 death than ever before, especially as she is actually buried on the estate itself. The area that used to be the stables has now been converted into an exhibition in her memory and people can go and look upon the lake island upon which she is buried from the shore.

The interior of the building itself is absolutely magnificent and well worth a look. It provides a home to an extensive art collection, the majority of which is by Anthony Van Dyck, a famous Flemish portrait artist, which is now worth an awful lot of money! All in all, there is something for everyone at Althorp so you may as well make a day of it!  

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